Football is without a doubt the most popular sport in this planet. More than 200 countries have taken up the beautiful game over the years and its fan following is widespread. India is no exception to this theory as the several thousands of Indians follow and support the game ardently.

Football is being played in India for more than 100 years now. Asia’s oldest football club Mohun Bagan was founded in Kolkata in 1889 much before the emergence of Premier League giants Liverpool FC. Durand Cup which is played in India was started in the year 1888. It is the oldest football competition in Asia and the third oldest tournament in the world after FA Cup and Scottish Cup.

Football is gaining a huge following in India

Though India stands nowhere close to the top teams of world football, the craze for the beautiful game is extremely high in our country especially among the youth. Today’s generation is keenly following world football and are passionate about the sport. The likes Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and other European clubs have a considerable fan base in the subcontinent.

Every four years just like any other footballing nation, Indians actively watch the FIFA World Cup and a huge craze is created among the Indian mass regarding the tournament irrespective of our participation.