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Club Policies

Policies of World Sports Club

Every sports club comes with its own policies. As the club grows there comes a need of setting up club policies which will state in details how the club and its members should operate. Some of the common policies of a club are:

  1. Membership Policies: This includes the procedure of becoming a member and the grounds under which a membership can be cancelled.
  2. Equal Opportunity Policies: An equity statement is established and implemented
  3. Code of Conduct for Fair Play: This ensures a standard of conduct which needs to be followed and an assurance of being judged on fair grounds.
  4. Child Protection: Security to the children to participate in the activities without the risk of abuse is insured under this policy.
  5. Health and Safety: This covers the issues of first aid, risk management, insurance, etc.
  6. Club Development: Issues of development and betterment of the club is covered under this policy.
  7. Ethics in Sports: ‘Ethics’ are not only important in daily life but also in sports. Having a strong ethical policy ensures a feeling of fair play and security within the club.


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